7 best ways to market your local business for free.

If you’ve got a small business, you need to look for new ideas to market your business. Here are 7 marketing ideas for small businesses, including ideas for local businesses that don’t cost much. Read more here.


To be successful in business you can’t cut down on expenses. But when you are the owner of a small business, you have very limited budget. You want to spend your money wisely. You want to have the biggest return on investment. So, how do you do that? One way is by getting your products in front of people for free. This blog will look at 10 different ways that you can use to market your business for free.

7 Ways to market your business for FREE

Marketing is an essential part of any online or offline business. Here in this blog you will find 7 best tips on how to market your business for FREE.

A business with no online presence is like a child with no face.

Use GMB:

Use Google My Business to optimize for local search: As the old saying goes, “A business with no online presence is like a child with no face.” Many of your potential customers will use local search to look up businesses providing services relevant to their needs (i.e., wedding photographers in Virginia) before making their final buying decision.

Hence it’s absolutely essential that your business appear at the top of the rankings for these targeted searches. Optimizing your business listing on Google My Business can help achieve this goal.

When consumers search “pizza places near me” on their mobile phone, Google typically shows results from three different categories of local businesses that have been verified by Google. 

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is the name of the game. Ranking highly for this business listing means customers can find your restaurant easily and get in and out quickly too!

See how Yext can help you:

It’s essential for local businesses to be listed on as many websites and online directories as possible – but it’s a time-consuming job. The more sources for your business information that you’re listed on, the easier it is for potential customers to find you – therefore, keeping up with all of it is pivotal to ensuring your future success.

For instance, imagine your website lists your company’s newest phone number, but Yelp has your old one up. This inconsistency prevents you from being able to guarantee the accuracy of the information listed online regarding your business. This is where Yext can help you.

Attend networking events and mixers:

Connecting with fellow professionals at industry networking events is a great opportunity to meet potential consumers in a place where they are eager to discuss your business. 

The niche topics of networking events ensure you’re meeting high-qualified leads. For example, “Newspaper Journalism Workshops & Conferences 2019” are primarily filled with participants who are interested in Newspaper Journalism.

One can never have enough connections. For small businesses looking to achieve their first connections, networking is a chance to get one’s name out there, meet potential partners, and find opportunities for growth. 

It will also keep one up-to-date on trends in the industry because it’s reassuring to know what your competition is up to as well as staying informed about how you can improve or succeed by learning from them.

Become a speaker at any local event:

Think about being a guest speaker “moderator” at a local event to discuss a topic related to your industry. Not only will this allow you to practice your speaking skills, but it also provides you with the opportunity to learn about other businesses in the area and how each business owner may handle obstacles that you could share through speaking. 

This can help build your credibility as an expert who is having success within the same business climate as everyone else within the area, even if you do come from a different background or training.

To may things, one must first think and then start. Once you’ve clearly mapped your way forward in your mind, start volunteering in various different venues and get to know the people who could become future clients for you both at trade associations or other social events. 

It can be a challenge to speak publicly so don’t get discouraged if it takes a little while to feel at ease when doing so – but remember that almost everyone is nervous their first time so don’t let fear stop you from going beyond your comfort zone! 

Try joining a local Toastmaster’s club or an improve club where being part of a team will help boost your confidence to talking in front of a group of people at once.

Put up brochures or flyers:                                                        

As you know, the marketing game has changed significantly in recent years. Traditionally speaking, print advertising alternatives like brochures or flyers do not provide much return on investment when it comes to marketing your brand. 

That doesn’t mean that they should be completely written off! There are many things one can do to make sure their efforts are making an impact when reaching out through printed media like distributing flyers in libraries, coffee shops, and business offices for example!

When you start, don’t get hung up on making your product perfect. Get it out there. Just make sure that the message is clear and that it resonates with potential customers! 

For example, you could get free brochures made on Canva or powerpoint so people better understand what your service provides. This can be a great way to reach not only current customers but also potentially reach the ideal clientele if one was after particular industry professionals for example, perhaps handing out brochures to local gyms or nearby hospitals for physical therapists in order to drive more business their way.

Run geo-targeted Facebook ads:

Facebook has become a powerhouse in terms of advertising your business. It not only opens up the ability to market your products and services directly to the type of consumer base you seek, but now you can also target those consumers depending on their location as well. ‘

That means now businesses don’t need to spend anywhere near as much money on larger, more broad campaigns that target a huge swath of people. You can be more specific about what you advertise and that will save you a lot of money!

For their business, Z Widgets ran geo-targeted ads saying “People in Seattle are throwing away their old microwaves. Have one to sell? See our ad on the right side of the screen”

With a starting investment involved of only a few dollars per day, you can geo-target people within specific areas on Facebook and engage with them daily. Please be sure to keep the interactions going by posting great content as well, as it helps your community feel connected with you over time.

Consider investing in direct mail campaigns:

 By doing so, you’ll be able to pinpoint the demographic around your location. And this is because one can segment out their target audience by personalizing each mailer for them based on their specific wants and interests. 

The thing about direct mail campaigns is that they are not just good for the customer – but they’re also quite effective for marketing purposes as well, because once people receive these personalized packages, it leaves an impression on their minds that will surely affect how they view your company in the future. 

You should start with smaller-scale campaigns or else you might see disappointing results because trying too much at once will do more harm than good even if there are some positives associated with it. But if you keep distributing these mailers regularly to your targeted consumer, then it should have a good impact on your brand awareness all things being equal!

You may also want to consider some supplements for your paid advertising efforts. By adding a few short-term free ads into your strategy, you can save some money and focus more on long-term campaigns that have more depth. 

In fact, we ask you to employ at least one of these methods even if it isn’t entirely practical or affordable for you! As a wonderful bonus, these resources are completely free as well as great for making new connections as well as initiating conversations from those from whom you might not have been so easily able to reach otherwise.


Well, with all the information you just read, you should have a good idea of what you need to do to market your local business. It can be a bit overwhelming with so many options available to you, but the most important thing is to try a few things and see what works best. Keep your mind open and your options open, and you will have a successful local business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     How can I advertise my small business for free?

  • If you are running a small business, it is possible that you can get other businesses to do the advertising for you! For example, if you are the owner of a bakery, consider offering free samples of your cookies or other baked goods to local businesses like restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. 
  • They generally love to receive free samples because they can taste the goodies without risking any money. But be sure to follow the sample laws in your state to make sure you are following the proper guidelines.
  • Another option is to give away free gifts with purchases. For example, if you own a pet store, you could give away free toys or free bags of dog food with purchases of a certain amount. Since you are offering a free gift with the purchase, you won’t have to worry about paying for advertising space! 
  • Another possibility is to give away free samples on your store’s website. This is a great way to advertise your products and services, and it is a cost-effective option that can really help you get your business name out there.


2.     How do I market my small business locally?

The local marketing of your business is the key to success. Your local marketing of your business can be done through many ways such as catalogs, business cards, and flyers. 

You can also market your business at local events. You can also promote your business via social networking sites and websites, which will help you build your business credibility and raise awareness. Taking advantage of local media and trade shows is another great way to market your business and to generate leads and sales.

You could try buying an ad space in the yellow pages or local newspaper. These ads could cost thousands of dollars, though. If you’re really passionate about your product, you could also try giving away free samples and hoping that those customers will become loyal customers down the line.

3.     How can I market my business with no money?

Marketing for business will become easier once you have some money to work with. But if you don’t have any, just start with some simple ways to market your business with no money. 

The first thing you want to do is to put your business information on your website, even if it’s just a simple, basic site that you made on your own. You should include an email address, phone number and directions to your place of business on your website. 

You definitely want to include your business hours on your website so potential customers can know when your business is open. Apart from your own website, you should also include your business information on all of the free listing sites out there on the web so that anyone who is searching for your type of business can find you. 

These sites include free listing websites such as Google Local, Yahoo Small Business and Craigslist.

4.     What are the 5 marketing strategies?

  • Targeted Marketing: This is a process of finding specific target groups and developing products and services specifically for them. Selecting target groups is based on demographic and psychographic considerations. Targeted marketing is widely used in fundraising (e.g. telemarketing and direct mail) and advertising media. 
  • Mass marketing: The application of marketing activities to reach the largest possible segments of the market. Mass marketing is carried out using mass media, such as television, radio, newspapers, direct mail, billboards, movies, posters, etc. 
  • Individual marketing: The application of marketing activities to reach each customer/consumer individually. Individual marketing is carried out using personal selling techniques.
  • Relationship marketing: The application of marketing activities to develop long-lasting relationships with customers/consumers. 
  • Integrated marketing: The combination of two or more of the above marketing strategies.

5.     How do you attract customers?

Attracting customers is a never-ending work. You will have to ensure that you provide a good platform for your customers. The more customers you have, the more profits you can make. 

Here are a few tips for you to attract customers: – 

  • Create a website and make sure it is attractive – 
  • Create a simple logo to make your business look professional – 
  • Run a successful advertising campaign. Also ensure that the product you are selling is at a reasonable price. – 
  • Always be available for your customers. This way if your customers have any queries, they will contact you. – 
  • Do not hate on your competitors. Show them mutual respect and cooperate with them in the marketplace if it helps in creating a win-win situation for both of you. Even if it doesn’t help in building a healthy competition, then it’s worth it. – 
  • If your company is growing, always hire the best employees you can find. – 
  • If you can not afford to hire the best people, then pay for their training if it is in your budget. – 
  • Always add value to your customer’s life and to your brand.

6.     What’s the best way to market a small business?

There are many small businesses out there and most of them are struggling to make ends meet. To be successful in business means to satisfy your customers and meet their expectations. 

It can be done through word of mouth, print ads, radio, TV ads, and even by giving away free stuff. When you think about it, buying word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to market a small business. 

And it does not really cost anything. Just remember that you should not let your customers down and do whatever you can to satisfy them.

7.     Why a business should use marketing?

Every successful business should be marketing its products or services. Marketing can be as simple as a word-of-mouth campaign or as complex as a multimillion dollar advertising campaign. 

It can be as simple as a billboard or as complicated as a full-page newspaper advertisement. Marketing is a process of getting your product or service to the consumer through a variety of channels. 

The more channels you use, the better chance you have at getting your product or service in front of a consumer.

8.     What is difference between marketing and selling?


A salesperson sells a product, a marketer sells a brand. A salesperson sells a number, a marketer sells a message. A salesperson sells a transaction, a marketer sells an experience. A salesperson sells a tangible good, a marketer sells a lifestyle. 

A salesperson sells a specific product, a marketer sells a bundle of products. A salesperson sells a service, a marketer sells an experience. A salesperson sells an item, a marketer sells a solution. A salesperson sells to an individual, a marketer sells to an entire family. 

A salesperson sells to businesses, a marketer sells to consumers. A salesperson has a specific product, a marketer has a portfolio of products. A salesperson sells to existing customers, a marketer sells to new customers.