How to rock your healthcare content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is a powerful tool that can help you market your healthcare content. If you are looking for the best content marketing strategies for healthcare, keep reading.


According to a study, a majority of patients find health-related information online before visiting a physician. Which means that digital marketing has become a key component of healthcare strategy? Despite this, many healthcare professionals have yet to master online content marketing.

For this blog, we tried to answer the question: How to rock your healthcare content marketing strategy?

Why is content marketing important for healthcare institutions and stakeholders?

The healthcare industry needs to find ways to engage the attention of their potential customers. The way people get information has changed dramatically in recent years, with around 90% of all information online having been created within the last couple of years. It clearly makes sense for the healthcare industry to invest in content marketing.


Healthcare might be a regulated industry with specific laws and governing bodies, but your content marketing efforts shouldn’t be. You can still hit your target audience and grow your brand with unique and interesting content. 

I have a friend who has a blog about his favorite sport. He spends five hours a day in front of his computer working on this hobby of his and I’m yet to meet another person so passionate about it. The reason why he can do that is because his blog attracts 250,000 visitors each month. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to have high traffic from organic search to support your project from the very beginning, not having that sort of traction at launch is something you can easily overcome by simply spending time every day blogging about things you’re passionate about – work related or otherwise! 

What is healthcare content marketing?

Healthcare content marketing is what you get when you merge healthcare and digital marketing. With healthcare content marketing, hospitals or healthcare providers are able to reach out to people through the Internet. 

Through digital strategies like website design and SEO, medical institutions can effectively increase their online visibility which helps with brand awareness. Marketing solutions for medical practices will help them grow their customer base by educating potential patients about care, treatments or other general information that might be useful to them.

Strategies to improve your healthcare content marketing plans?

Get more strategies to boost your healthcare content marketing.

Get more sharable content:

There are lots of strategies to evaluate the best possible approach for your branding. However, it is clear that content should include sharable parts in order to be highly successful in today’s competitive environment. The healthcare industry has come a long way since the days of information brochures written by doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals.

Today, search engine users expect to find content that relates specifically to them because society has become hyper-connected which means that they are constantly searching for materials that are not only informative but often offer insights into their lives.

This is why it is important not only to create content about the services you provide but also beneficial for businesses in this particular industry to share their stories and personal experiences through blog posts and videos among other things, so as to better connect with their audience and attract new clients.

As a medical professional writing content for a business, you have a lot of options in the types of information that you can share with your audience using content marketing. Think about what services and products your business provides and how these could be discussed openly. 

With content marketing for healthcare, it’s all about being open both in production and presentation so the best way to maintain positive public perception is to reference authoritative sources as you work.

Post industry news:

As a medical professional, you’re expected to keep your readers well-informed. The more influential and credible your articles and blogs the better, and the fresher they are, the higher ranked they will be in Google. 

Just like you expect to receive important industry news in real time, your website visitors need updates that actually matter in their day-to-day. Every website needs data that keeps it relevant, so add timely content to customize your online presence.

Be aware of how popular videos can be:

Over 77% of people who watch healthcare-related videos as part of their day-to-day routine relay further details about those clips to themselves and other people around them. Videos are a significantly powerful resource for everyone involved in the healthcare industry, but no more so than for people trying to spread further awareness about their own niche websites or startups.

Hire Thinq 7 content marketing professionals:

With the marketing landscape changing on a daily basis, hiring professionals with experience in creating and sharing content for your industry is key to staying relevant. It’s worth noting that while you may have plenty of other areas on which to focus your efforts, it is likely that you aren’t an expert in marketing, so your expertise is indeed needed elsewhere.


Thinq 7 helps you achieve a bolder presence online. By listening to your needs, we provide you with the well-written, engaging content your prospects want – making it easier for them to find healthcare solutions from your business. 

Our award-winning team of content marketers knows how to help small businesses compete against industry giants, by leveraging targeted traffic and building a substantial client base that turns into repeat buyers. You can book a FREE content audit now with our team.

Promoting yourself can be counterproductive:

One way that content marketing differs from other forms of advertising is that it engenders relationships over immediate responses. A reader or recipient gains a profoundly greater sense of trust and believability from material that is unbiased. 

Since content marketing material remains objective, there also tends to be an increase in credibility associated with the writer’s presentation or pitch.

Begin only what you can accomplish:

It’s a huge mistake to begin a project in marketing content before analyzing if it’s a good match for your team. It’s a great idea to take small steps at first and then grow from there when you’ve established sustainable processes. For example, just creating an initial post on your blog that no one will see is very tempting, but you simply won’t have the time or the resources to do it every day without burning out. 

Instead of spending precious time creating new content that expands your business’ reach not by filling up with potential customers but by filling us with fumes, work more efficiently which reduces waste and time consumption of unnecessary tasks by matching your efforts to your resources beforehand.

I have a friend who has a blog about his favorite sport. He spends five hours a day in front of his computer working on this hobby of his and I’m yet to meet another person so passionate about it. 

The reason why he can do that is because his blog attracts 250,000 visitors each month. While it certainly doesn’t hurt to have high traffic from organic search to support your project from the very beginning, not having that sort of traction at launch is something you can easily overcome by simply spending time every day blogging about things you’re passionate about – work related or otherwise! 

Keep in mind that not everything becomes popular overnight and it takes quite a bit of persistence and effort until enough people actually begin reading your content.


In the past, the marketing team of the healthcare organisation had a lot of work to do. They had to do a lot of research to know the audience of the healthcare organization, what they want and their challenges. But today, with the help of content marketing strategy, you can easily reach out to your audience and understand their needs. That is why content marketing strategy is vital for the marketing team of the healthcare organization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How content marketing works in the healthcare industry?

With the rise of popularity of content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), the healthcare industry is also following the trend. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that includes content creation and distribution strategically positioned and timed to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience. 

The healthcare industry has always been among the most competitive industries. If content marketing is strategically positioned and timed properly, it can be used to connect with the patients and physicians. Content marketing is the process to project the message of a brand to your target market.

What is content marketing for healthcare facilities?

Content marketing is a matter of great importance for healthcare facilities. We work with a lot of hospitals and surgery centers and content is a very important part of their online marketing strategy. 

The best approach is to have a content strategy for your surgery center. We have a lot of surgery centers who have a blog, a surgery location page, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. We have surgery centers who have surgery location pages, surgery blogs and a surgery location page. 

From the patient’s perspective, the more content they have access to, the more likely they are to visit your surgery center. In addition, they are more likely to share the content with their friends and family members.

What are the 5 P’s of healthcare marketing?

The five P’s of healthcare marketing are the five P’s of marketing. They are: product, price, place, promotion, and people. To become a successful healthcare marketer, it is essential to understand each of these elements and how to use them wisely. 

The five P’s of healthcare marketing can also be condensed into a sentence that many healthcare marketers know very well: “People buy healthcare products from people they know, like, and trust.”

How do you establish content marketing?

Establishing content marketing is not a rocket science. Everyone with a decent amount of knowledge on a particular subject can start a blog on that topic and publish useful content on it. It should be informative and should be written in a conversational tone. 

Readers don’t like it when you go off on tangents to speak about yourself. They want to read about the subject. Once you have established yourself as an expert, then it’s just a matter of promoting your blog to the right people. 

There are several ways of doing so, but I would recommend starting with social media. If you are active on social media, promoting your blog will be quite easy.

What is the first step in your content marketing strategy?

The first step of any content marketing strategy is to find and write about topics which people care about and will be happy to read. That’s the only way to create content which generates leads and sales. 

This means you should start form keyword research and competitor analysis. Answering Quora questions is a great way to find topics people want to learn about. Research Quora users and their interests to find topics which will generate leads and sales.

What makes good marketing content?

Great content is what makes good marketing. Great content is useful, relevant, original, credible, entertaining, respectful, and comprehensive. Useful information can be further divided into two categories: information that increases awareness about the product, and information that helps the reader make a purchase. 

The content may be either text or video or both. The goal of content is to make the reader think of your product whenever the reader is in the market for it. Good marketing content will accomplish this goal.

What kinds of content can you create for medical content marketing?

There are innumerable kinds of content to be created for medical marketing, but before we go into details, let’s understand what medical marketing is. Medical marketing is the process of informing the end users about the benefits of various health-related products and services, and encouraging them to buy it for their benefit. 

There are essentially two kinds of medical marketing; promotional and non-promotional. Promotional medical marketing includes all the activities to promote the brand, its products and services to the end users. Non-promotional medical marketing includes ensuring continuous availability for the products, delivering the products on time, conducting research work to ensure better products, etc. 

As there are innumerable methods of medical marketing, so are there methods of creating content. Content can be created in the form of articles, blogs, press releases, PPTs, YouTube videos, etc. It depends on the needs and requirements of the business. 

The content should be engaging enough to capture the attention of the users. Also, the content should be in line with the website theme, so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Why has healthcare content marketing taken so long to become a viable strategy?


Healthcare content marketing has become a popular strategy in the past few years because it has grown to be a necessity for entrepreneurs. Even though the phrase ‘healthcare content’ is relatively new, it is an old practice in itself. 

It all started in the 19th century when the first patients’ rights group was created. For the next century, people have been using newsletters, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, guides, educational videos, audios, and newsletters to inform patients about their diseases, treatment, and even to instruct them about how to take care of themselves. 

With the advent of the Internet, healthcare content marketing became more effective because it enabled patients to access the information they needed without having to leave their homes.